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How to Achieve Better Posture in 4 Minutes a Day

Posted On August 7, 2018
As we grow older, we tend to experience frequent pains or aches. Like when we pull a muscle doing a squat, or feeling frequent discomfort in the rotator cuff, joints, and lower back throughout the

Best Books to Read About Life

Posted On August 7, 2018
Books are incredibly powerful tools. They enthrall us, amuse us, enlighten us and most importantly, influence the way we think. Through books, we can gain knowledge about so many things and gain new perspectives that

Boost Your Confidence Levels With These 3 Simple Tricks

Posted On February 10, 2018
If you’re anything like most people, chances are there are times when you feel not as confident as you should in certain situations. It could be when you’re meeting new people, delivering a presentation during